Eurocrew participates in European Maritime Conference in Opatija – 10/03/2020

Eurocrew Association has been invited by Croatian Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure to participate in the High Level Ministerial Maritime Conference, organised under the auspices of the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union,  held at the Remisens Premium Hotel Ambasador in Opatija, Croatia in the 10th of March 2020.

Our Assiociation was represented over there by Board Member – Mr. Mario Zorovic.


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Eurcorew Association gathered in Odessa on 17/05/2019

Odessa was the place where Eurocrew Associaton members gathered again. A great hospitality of Ukrainian Members made this event remarkable. We are happy to spread the concept that common approach to common problems is the best way to eliminate these problems for best industry interest.  Representatives of Ukrainian crewing companies and Ukrainian maritime institutions and academies were with us.


Eurocrew Association is heading for its 10th anniversary of activity in 2020.

CrewConnect Europe – Hamburg 10/04/2019

CrewConnect Europe conference held in Hamburg in April was a very good opportunity to present potential of European maritime training environment and potential of European cadets.  Eurocrew Chairman – Mr.Waldemar Pelcher, acting as speaker, let European students present themselves.  We dare to declare it was one of the most interesting panels during April CrewConnect conference.


Eurocrew Meeting in Varna – 08/06/2018

Eurocrew Association keeps its goal to serve to all Members and exchange experience between them.  Yearly Association meeting took place in Varna on the 08th of June 2018. Our Bulgarian hosts organized the meeting in perfect way and they have hosted all meeting Participants in Hotel Panorama.

Hot GDPR issues were discussed during the meeting. Class NK  Representative briefed all Participants with news which may affect our daily activities i.e. MLC 2006 Convention amendments and IMO activities regarding cyber security.

All Participants noticed that we have finally some good news regarding governmental support in employment of EU cadets.

National  Ukrainian Representative has invited Eurocrew Association Members to gather in Odessa next year.

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Eurocrew Meeting in Riga – 12/05/2017

2017 yearly Eurocrew Association meeting took place in Riga on the 12th of May. Hotel Mercure has been choosen as the meeting place .  Representatives of Latvian Martime Authorities were present . NK Class Representative attendance and his presentation proves our good and  longlasting cooperation.  Eurocrew Association remains active in the interest of all Members .


Meeting in Mamaia – 20/05/2016

Romania has been choosen by Eurocrew Association Members as the place of Association yearly meeting , which took place in Hotel Iaki in Mamaia on the 2oth of May. Active participation of various Romanian recruitment companies , Romanian Maritime Administration Reprsentatives and Maritime Academies  made the meeting succesful .  NKClass was with us again . Cpt Noaki Saito participation is always good source of news from international maritime environment .


MLC Implementation Workshop – Berlin 21.06.2015

Eurocrew Association Council has been invited and has participated in MLC 2006 Implementation Workshop in Berlin June 21 – 22, 2015”.

Eurocrew Council Members ( Mr. Waldemar Perchel , Mr. Mario Zorovic  and Mr. Florin Urziceanu ) have actively participated in the workshop organized by European Commision , Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport .

Following parties were invited to participate in the workshop :

  • EU and non-EU Labour Supplying States;
  • EU Flag States;
  • Port State Control officials;
  • Employment organisations and trade unions;
  • EU shipowners’ organisations;
  • Classification Societies;
  • Public and private recruitment and placement services; and
  • Commission staff,

Participants were assigned to participate in one of three break-out sessions.

# Participants Theme Theme Focus
A Regulators States’ implementation of Regulation 1.4 MLC, 2006 Licensing and inspection of RPS
B Shipowners’ and Crew Managers implementation of Regulation 1.4 MLC, 2006 RPS operation and shipowners’ monitoring of RPS
C Seafarers’ Representatives Seafarers’ awareness of social security rights incorporated in MLC, 2006 Seafarers’ social security and insurance rights

Result of the workshop will be published and will be notified fo Eurocrew Members whenever availbale .


Meeting in Copenhagen – 27/04/2015

Day before Manning and Training Conference ,  Eurocrew Association meeting has been arranged in Hotel Cabinn Scandinavia in Copenhagen .  New association authorities have been elected during that meeting .  Eurocrew Council composes of three persons . While Mr. Waldemar Perchel (Chairman) and Mr. Mario Zorovic remain Members of the Council , their works will be performed with another Eurocrew Founder together  – Mr. Florin Urziceanu.  Congratulation and Good Luck !


Meeting in Bratislava – 25/04/2014

Yearly Eurocrew Association meeting took place in Bratislava on Friday,  the 25th of April 2014.  Bratislava and Hotel Bonbon in Petrzalaka were very good location of our meeting , organized by Mr. Juraj Boros.  Apart of Delegates and other Eurocrew Members we had a pleasure to see NK Class Representative – Cpt. Noaki Saito among us again.  Information about amendments to MLC 2006  were important part of our meeting .



Annual Eurocrew Meeting – Dubrovnik – 13/05/2013

Our yearly meeting has been arranged this year in Dubrovnik . Meeting has been attended by Cpt Noaki Saito who presented NK Class worldwide activites . Cpt Goran Vidak presented Jadran Pismo offer for seafarer international community . New software solution for crew management companies – Captain Tango – offered and presented  by Mr. Vlaho Kaminski was another, very interesting part of our meeting . Croatian Eurocrew members organized the meeting in very professional way . Participants were impressed by their hospitality . Eurocrew boat proceeds ahead…