Bulgaria in Eurocrew – 09/05/2012

One of the Assembly resolutions voted during the annual meeting was Resolution 004/2012 , which has approved  Mr.Andriyan Evtiomov as Ordinary Member / National Representative of Bulgaria. Bulgaria is most welcomed on board!!!

Annual Eurocrew Meeting – Gdynia 09/05/2012

Annual Eurocrew meeting took place in Hotel Hotton in Gdynia on the 09th of May 2012.  Apart of formal and necessary actions ( approval of yearly  financial report ) , Assembly of Delegates has granted the vote of acceptance for all 3 Council members . We had a pleasure to see Representative of various Polish seafarer trade unions during our meeting.  It was real achievement to see that we have same goals and we are able to identify same targets. The main part of our meeting was allocated for preparation of Eurocrew panel during M&T Conference in Sopot planned for next dyas.


Agreement with Gdynia Maritime School – 16/03/2012

Cooperation agreement has been signed between Eurocrew Chairman and Director of Gdynia Maritime School on the 16th of March . The Gdynia Maritime School (www.morska.edu.pl) is the first maritime school on Eurocrew cooperating training centres list . Directors of GMS – Mr. A.Naskręt , Mr. J.Michnal and Mr. Z. Byczyński have joined Eurocrew Association as its Ordinary Members at same time. Welcome on board !

Ukraine joins Eurocrew – 20/02/2012

Following Ukrainian application for membership dated 25.01.2012 and Eurocrew Assembly Resolution 01/2012 , we are glad to inform you that Ukrainian Maritime Alliance has been accepted as Supporting Member / National Representative of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Maritime Alliance is hereby added to the list of Eurocrew Association National Representatives and is entitled to recommend Eurocrew Association membership of Individuals / Ordinary Members – citizens of Ukraine.

Eurocrew launching… Kozi Grod 06/10/2011

Our second meeeting took place in Kozi Grod – nice resort near Gdansk . Friendly atmosphere and nice surrounding let us feel even more convinced we have to work hard togother for all countries maritime industry benefits. Official registration in Gdynia has been confirmed , statute approved by Assembly and association authorities set . Popularisation of Eurocrew idea and association enlargement have been defined as main targets until next meeting planned for 25th of May 2012 in Bratislava.


All meeting participants (from left to right : Juraj Boros, Jerzy Przybyt, Natasa Bozic, Valeriu Raicu, Ivan Bozic, Mario Zorovic, Alexey Churkin, Waldemar Perchel, Florin Urziceanu, Michal Wisniewski, Piotr Masny) encourage to join Eurocrew Association.

First meeting – September 2010

First Eurocrew meeting took place at the end of September 2010 in Hotel Hotton in Gdynia (27-29/09/2010) . Following countries were represented during the meeting : Craoatia, Latvia , Poland , Romania and Slovakia.  All participants have concluded that creation of common platform is more than desirable. Common problems and areas of interest were clearly  identified.  First meeting was attended by Deutsche Voermegensberatung (social insurance under EU flag has been discussed ) and Det Norske Veritas was consulted regarding MLC convention implementation.